Can we get action on multiaccounters/bots?

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I have been wondering if you all have yet focused on the multiaccounter and bot issues in wayfarer? Ours in West Texas began after asking for help with our huge backlog in bonus area exchanges. So perhaps checking who has areas with mass bad rejections as their bonus areas and/or home locations may help track them down because they could use that as a method for getting all their accounts to see the same nominations and then reject them all falsely as duplicates or other fake reasons. It can be a huge problem, not only as far as slowing an entire area down but also greatly discouraging nominators and denying people legitimate POI, as I will now show with the number of things that I have successfully appealed, have in queue to be appealed, and have in line to go into appeal as soon as my appeals refresh each month. It is possible that I’m wrong and that this is due to the ambiguity or unfamiliarity with the guidelines, but the amount of clearly valid things being rejected is suspicious.

Successful Appeals:

Things in appeal queue:

This is within a stadium, which while open is impossible to photograph without people; and according to Niantic guidance is allowed to have people. I took great care to try and not get any faces.

There are also many more than this that I renominated and were approved after a second or third try.

Also, I thought I’d add this in, which I tagged you guys in a reply on. It shows multiaccounting on the recent Pokémon challenge, and this same system is likely going on in wayfarer.

here he brags about how you guys never do anything about what he’s doing after saying “it’s a good thing they won’t ever look at anything other than what you wrote.”

thank you for taking the time to look through all this.

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