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Low Quality Photo

On various Wayfarer chats and groups I'm in, there seems to be confusion over why we should reject a nomination for low quality photo. When selecting it as a reason, it reads

"Why is this an ineligible Wayspot nomination?

  • Low Quality Photo

Use for nominations where the photo is blurry, pitch black or is taken from a car"

For me, these are the only reasons I would use this option. If it's blurry, pitch black, or from a car. But I see others rejecting as a low quality photo because it wasn't perfectly centred, it was a bit too far away, the photo was taken at dusk and they should have done it on a sunny day etc. Surely if you can see the object of the Nomination, and it doesn't fall under other rejection criteria, it's eligible? We don't rate out of 5 for photos, we're not professional photographers trying to get the perfect angle and lighting, either it's passable or it isn't.

This from the Niantic support pages:

"Why was my photo rejected?

  • A photo may be rejected if it:
    • Is too dark or blurry
    • Is a picture of an image
    • Has a watermark
    • Shows people's faces
    • Depicts a group of people in front of Portal
    • Contains a license plate that can clearly be seen"

Nowhere does it mention "photo isn't centred enough to my taste" or "They should have got a daytime picture" as reasons to reject. Whether you like the photo or not, whether you think they could have done a better job if they moved closer and tried a different angle ... It's irrelevant. As long as you can see the object, it's not blurry, from a car, and doesn't fall under other photo rejection reasons - the photo is eligible.

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