When will we have the ability to give details for why we are requesting an edit?

It is completely unacceptable that we have no way to explain why we are requesting an edit.

Location - sometimes satellite view is complete obscured so trying to true up a location is not obvious to the reviewer.

Photo/Title/Description - the official line is that if something has changed names, the POI should be removed and resubmitted. But with wait times as long as they are in many places, this is unreasonable. This is particularly true if the use of the POI has not changed. For example, murals are repainted, churches change names, coffee shops may change names, etc. As long as the way the community interacts with that POI has not changed, the POI does not need to be removed and resubmitted. It just needs to change. But without submitting one of those "do not use" descriptions to help the reviewer understand which photo and title is current, it is often really difficult for the reviewer to know what to select.

I'm really tired of people screaming "ABUSE!" when all a person is trying to do is provide communication. Niantic is notoriously horrible with communication so it should be no surprise that they have a system that actively discourages it within the community.

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