Please correct mistranslations in non-English language versions.

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In languages other than English, the Eligibility Criteria, Acceptance Criteria, Rejection Criteria, and Help contain expressions that appear to be mistranslations or are difficult for native speakers of the language to understand.

This has caused problems with inaccurate reviewing, especially among rookie Wayfinders.

I am Japanese and use the Japanese version, and the following expression is an example.


It is a mistranslation of "Location Sensitive".

As it is in English, "センシティブな場所" will be translated accurately.

"センシティブ (Sensitive)" in Japanese means a matter that should be handled with care, and has a different meaning from "配慮 (Consideration)".

As per the Rejection Criteria, this is the denial reason that should be chosen when denying sensitive places such as cemeteries and funeral homes for the general public, but there are many cases where Wayfinders who are unaware of this circumstance erroneously deny stores and other places for this reason, judging that the store and its staff need to be taken into consideration.


Educational institutions from kindergarten and preschool to high school are rejected under "School (K-12)," but most university facilities are considered accepted.

However, in Japan, universities and other institutions are often rejected for this reason.

The reason is that "K-12" is a difficult word for Japanese to understand.

"K-12" means kindergarten K through 12th grade, but it is a concept of the American educational system, and in Japan we do not call it "K-12", nor do we call a high school senior a 12th grader.

It would be easier for Japanese to understand if it were stated normally as kindergarten and from elementary to high school.

This is an example from the Japanese version, but it is believed that there are also mistranslations in other language versions such as Korean and Chinese.

There are many users who use non-English versions, and Japan is one of the countries with many Wayfinders.

Please translate and revise the content not only from an American perspective, but also translate other language versions using expressions that are easily understood by speakers of those languages.

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