Does the Wayfarer team even Wayfarer?

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Gonna slip this last question in before they close. It goes back to this post actually, where Tintino's nomination during the Pokemon GO Fest London was showcased.

Now I appreciate that there is some involvement within the actual product that one is managing the community. However, I'd like to know to the extent that the team uses Wayfarer. Like how many things have you reviewed and submitted personally? Was the nomination that was definitely pre-selected for the showcase the only one you've submitted? Have you contributed with reviews to help whittle down the local queues? Have you (if you've reviewed) experienced the same growing pains and inconveniences that the community has been reporting for months (the location accuracy one is a huge bug bear). And why does it seem that some of the decisions that some of the staff make seem so incredibly out of line with the mission of Wayfarer?

I appreciate that the product lead and community managers of Ingress (Brian Rose and Thia) play their game quite a lot, who are a bit more in-tune with the community's concerns and bugs, which are only hindered by the size of their development team. ace has bronze recon, which is better than nothing. But back to the Wayfarer team, do they Wayfind like the rest of us?

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    Worth noting that NianticThia has silver Recon, and Brian from the Ingress team has bronze.

    It would be funny if they’ve interacted more with Wayfarer/OPR than the Wayfarer team.

    Tintino’s Ingress account does not show a Recon badge but is only level 4. Maybe he reviews under another account for Pokémon GO?

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    Maybe some more cross-play between the Niantic teams would help? It’s been over a year since Thia and @NianticTintino-ING (publicly) played Ingress together.

    would be worth getting the Pokémon GO Community manager playing too when they have the next Niantic Community Day that they can all attend?

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    I checked his ORR Agreements and the total is 50.

    Also, his Ingress access level is level 3, which probably reflects the results of his access from Pokémon GO.

    To begin with, there is only one UPV for Ingress in the past month, so he is probably too busy with work to have time to play the game. (Many Niantic staff do not usually have time to play their own content)

    Well, I guess it also has something to do with the fact that Thia and Brian have been Ingress players for a long time.

    I once watched Thia at an Ingress medal event in the summer on Intel Maps as she was frantically pulling links in the field to win a medal in the event while being tossed around by the vastness of the United States.

    Well, since we are here, let me show you some interesting data as an aside.

    Here is the data of probably the most famous Ingress agent in the world.

    He was probably the first to start Ingress and is still a level 13 player.

    But he takes time out of his busy work schedule to attend anomalies and associated events, plus work on portal nominations and reviews, and AR scans.

    In fact, his Seer data is plus-5000, though.

    Yes, his agent name is "ace".

    All in all he is the creator of this world.

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