Wayfarer beta fallout

I recently asked the question if those that we submitted thru the beta, that are considered provisional and did not make it into the game, would cause them to be marked duplicate if we submitted thru normal channels. We were told it would not be a problem. I’m here to tell you that it is a problem. My son received one of mine that I resubmitted thru pogo and it shows up as an exact duplicate. 



copy of his review above.


Above is my submission thru the beta. You can see the pic is identical and so is the description. Because this is in voting and you have removed our ability to withdraw nominations in voting for situations like this, this will have to be resolved another way. At this point, you can’t just remove the provisional and let this go thru. It’s been weeks so it will have a significant number of duplicate votes already. An appeal won’t work because again, it already shows as a stop, plus it will take a year for it to clear voting, and then the appeal process. It looks like it will have to manually be addressed. Now what to do with the others? I believe a few others are already in voting. Please advise what the process will be to resolve. There really should be a category under support to address the fallout from the beta situation.

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