Changing existing VALID Waystops names.

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A group of trolls under the guise of "Kashubian minority language" changed dozens of names of Wayspots in Gdansk that had been for years to names that are incomprehensible to 99.9% of people. 

I have posted the changed names in this thread:

I appeal to those in charge to reverse these changes. New Waystops, of course, can be submitted in any languages: Polish, English, German, Kashubian etc., but for God's sake don't change valid names to the language it uses by some promille of people and has no dictionary (there is an online one to which they add new words themselves). 

Because of this changes some missions in Ingress with passwords become impossible to do. 

The swapped names are not understood even by people who know the Kashubian dialect.


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    Wouldn't it be great, in reviews of Edits, if we had a couple of extra buttons:

    1. Accept the ORIGINAL title, location, and/or description, as both viewable options are correct.
    2. Accept the MOST RECENT title or description - because the name has likely changed but it's impossible to verify what the current values should be. I feel this way a lot when confronted with reviews where Google still has one name on Satellite views, the photo shows another name, the place has no official website, and even the photo shown is only the one with the most Likes on it and may be obsolete.
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    @Shilfiell-ING Unfortunately, such an option will not work if a group of multi-accounts makes such changes. They don't realize that they are cutting off a branch of the tree they themselves are sitting on...

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    To be honest, I have a hard time understanding what has happened here.

    1) A lot of stops were changed to a dialect (possibly not a full language) called Kashubian.

    2) The new titles use words that aren't even real in that dialect, but are made up. So it's like they've changed the titles to Elvish or Klingon?

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    Kashubian is the language used to pass the matriculation exam, it is the official language in selected communes of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, and people who oppose Kashubian continue to call this language a dialect or an invented language, just like the Germans did during the occupation

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    edited December 2022

    In the United States, which is the only country I can speak about with extensive experience, there IS no official language designated by the federal government. Many speak English, sure, but we definitely have large communities where other languages are widely used. However, if a Wayspot in one of my known areas had a English name and description with a proposed edit to Seneca, that correction would not be "more correct or accurate" which is what edits are for. Both the original text and the edited text would be considered correct, so the edit would have no added value. It may be more helpful to leave titles alone (because after all the submitter's language is also correct and was chosen at the time he/she/they were doing the hard work of finding and submitting the nomination) and edit the description to append a translation into the language of the editor's choice.

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    Unless someone deliberately and maliciously changes the Wayspots names...

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