Objects without Street View

I applied for a nomination without Street View.

I registered a spot on googlemap, but for some reason the spot could not be displayed on the map.

Of course I've attached the URL of the link.

I attached the link just in case, but it was rejected for "mismatched location".

Is there a way to register objects without using Street View...?


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    Is there a reason you can’t do a photosphere?

    We have just a couple of months to use the app before it is removed so right now it is the best option. If it’s an area where submissions are approved quickly it is worth uploading it a few days before submitting or holding the submission for a few days so that you can check that it is showing on Google streetview.

    if that is all not possible, I suggest tackling the issue in the supplementary info. So as well as the link are there any articles on the web that refer to the object. Are there any buildings on streetview that can be in a supplementary photo that you can refer to. Some people put together a collage of 2 or 3 different angles to help with context.

    Can you post the full submission so we can offer advice?

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    A meeting place in Kuniyasu, Yogo Town. There are also swings and benches in front of it, making it a place for residents to relax.

    Supplementary information

    It is a community center for the village and a place for local residents to interact. General meetings of residents' associations are held. The photograph of the object was taken from the nameplate at the entrance, and the supplementary photograph was taken from the street on the south side of the building. It is located on communal land, not private property. *It's hard to see with Street View, but I think you can see the location from the square structure, the garbage station, and the shrubbery in the supplementary photo. If necessary, change the tab once and search for the object on "Nagahama Map" or Yahoo Maps. I would appreciate it if you could consider the above circumstances and make a decision. Nagahama map link:https://www.sonicweb-asp.jp/nagahttps://www.sonicweb-asp.jp/nagahama2/sp/?

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    I thought it would be difficult to display the spot on Googlemap, but this is the result.

    There are quite a few cases like this in our community, including myself, because it's annoying for judges to look at URLs.

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    Thanks for this.

    Apologies in advance if I misunderstand something but some aspects I found tricky.

    Main Photo:

    This could do with improvement. If the sign is the best way to represent this POI then this could be better. I found it difficult to read in terms of the clarity of what is there. So I suggest you try and get a landscape photo and the sign to really dominate the photo. You might need to try a different day with better lighting that picks out the characters.

    Supplementary photo:

    You really need to be able to see that sign in the photo, which you can’t. The distinctive pattern the sign is the clue that it relates to the building. If that building is viewable on street view then a photo of the entrance showing the sign and that distinctive pattern is needed - so not the full building. If you can do a collage then a second photo stepping back would allow the reviewer to effectively zoom out from the sign keeping the context.


    you describe it as a meeting place. This sounds a bit open to interpretation. I can’t translate the name plate sign but if it is a community centre say so. I would put something in the description saying something like - always busy with community events and regular meetings of community groups.

    Supplementary text ;

    start by saying it encourages socialisation.

    You sound as though you have done a good job trying to guide the reviewer through the key points.

    I take it the link to the webpage would enable to click and have it confirmed? I was confused but suspect that is a lack of my understanding.

    Photospheres submitted to google usually get uploaded and then become default as to the view given in the review screen - don’t know if there are any limitations in your country.

    Hope some of this helps as it sounds to be a good wayspot.

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    Thank you.

    I will respond to your advice.

    The main photo is the nameplate of the community center.

    I'll keep that in mind in the supplementary explanation as well.

    However, this time it was difficult to confirm the position, and I could not expect much, so I will ask another judge to judge.

    The methods of guiding reviewers are often unsuccessful and each time difficult to explain.

    I wonder what people who can pass successfully do.

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    Sometimes virtually the same nomination gets through the next time.

    Reviewers are human, so very varied and although there shouldn’t be much variation in how a nomination is reviewed if it is in middle it can go either way.

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    In your case I would reject it for mismatch location. We got no streetview in my area too. And I have to reject some good spots myself…

    I learned the hard way, when I started nominating, that I have to put my nomination in my overview picture.

    now I get that reason pretty rarely and they get appealed positive by Niantic. In my opinion some reviewers make their job too easy with rejection of those spots and don’t look at overviews. Others might just be abusers, that reject everything.

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    @Elijustrying-ING @Kek0ma-PGO

    A repost with the same content was approved today.

    Thank you for your advice.

    We will continue to consider how to ensure that candidates not on Google Maps are approved.

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    Good outcome, thanks for update

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