[Wayspots] Request for Assistance in Multiple Violations

Good afternoon. Thank you for attending to this matter.

I was doing Review when I came across the this Duplicate Nomination. Upon investigation, I realized that the already accepted Wayspot itself violates the Photo Criteria. I will seek to explain the violations to my best of ability:

Wayspot Title: Clementi Park Amphitheater

Location: 13297, 103.7659

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Photos to support your claim:

1. Duplicate Nomination, with exact same photo as the already exists Wayspot. Both used the same Wayspot Title as well: Clementi Park Amphitheater

2. Photos submitted (from both parties) are the exact copy taken from www.foursquare.com. As shown in the attached photo below, the original photo were submitted to foursquare.com in 2019.

3. For the already exists Wayspot, 03 exact same photos (which are all from third party) are found:

Additional Informations:

1. Details for the already exists Wayspot

2. The photo was stolen from this 3rd party site: https://foursquare.com/v/clementi-park-amphitheater/57b428be498edb638917f5a9

3. Would you be able to assist in sorting this out? It's quite disheartening to learn that people can be so dishonest. This is not fair to those that put in efforts and time in creating Wayspots.

Thank you for sorting this out. Have a pleasant weekend ahead.



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