Abuse of photo liking on a wayspot

Title of the Wayspot: Kniznica na Zimnej

Location: 48.163573,17.163479

City: Bratislava

Country: Slovakia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A

Photos to support your claim:

This is the original picture, and how this nomination passed through 3-4 years ago, while the library exist on the place, more than 12 years( this how long i live in neighborhood) , could be much more longer....

The place serves also as Senior information centre and centre for disabled people as written in description.

The second photo was added not so long ago, but the real "issue" started when a new portal appeared nearby and this photo got 30likes in matter of hours(there is not such an ingress playerbase in Bratislava...all multiacc.

The other portal in question is located 48.163441,17.163275 was painted on the building maybe 1year ago.

I think it is a valid nomination of an art piece with proper/template like description etc. I would like to add, that this nomination was appealed via the new system(1appeal per month) and, if i understand it correct, that's being done be Niantic employees.

Additional information:

The same is another part of "abuse" by some people. Here an example with the same name,

From my point of view , these are two separate nominations, one being library and info centre second a piece of art/painting/graffity. Right now both portals have identical main picture. I am pretty sure both portals are being targeted right now and being reported. Therefore, i would like to remove the Painting picture from portal in question(Kniznica na Zimnej) from agent "NONOT", who has a past of its own.

Thank you very much in advance and Merry Christmas.

With regards,


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