Emergency meeting points, official POI's civil defense and protection

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Dear #Niantic , could you please clarify that official meeting points in emergency situations are important POI's?

In many european countries and mostly less populated areas like woods etc we have signs of civil defense and protection showing a unique number. Emergency and protection entities like firefighters, the red cross or ambulances have these databases for easy location of emergency calls.

I am really puzzled to get those constantly rejected, mostly even without a reason which probably means marked as abuse or so. Thats completely ridiculous. Those probably even are the most important signs in a somewhat outback.

Local authorities even have to set those up to assure people can be effectively found in emergency cases, ie check this as an example: https://www.landesforsten.de/bewirtschaften/forsttechnik/rettungspunkte/

I hope you can clarify this because the masses of amateurs ratings of these are a shame and counterproductive. AR games exceeding the sense of valuable wayspots out of the game sense into real life worth should be appreciated and not be prevented by sheer ignorance.


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    A really funny quote. No there are no massacres on a daily base taking place in our woods nor are these parking lots of emergency vehicles. Try to understand what these poi's are about before judging sth you obviously dont have the slightest idea of nor did your own research about please ;)

    These are meeting points meant to be well known helping peeps to be located or giving hints within which area those have to be encircled or findings could be located. Those are the perfect meaning of places to meet, to know and to be aware of their existance in general esp when a phone ran out of battery, got lost or simply broke. These are analogue pois for esp that reason to be pois.

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    oh, powerboxes are the great places to make parties or ancient churches?

    Seriously flatmatt this does not make any sense to reduce wayspots to sth excercise or social, i am furthermore very puzzled about that comment even apart from not talking about pogo arenas nor stops, its about ingress to really go out, find hidden places and explore your surroundings.

    I dont talk about party spots near your couch nor tramstops you reach without moving at least twice a day - i talk about visiting spaces and places where you never went before, a world which is more than it seems from your known event horizon.

    Its completely ok for me when you just dont want to find out whats beyond but reducing especially ingress to such really hurts.

    Ingress is not PoGo, we are not going outside to have a raid around the next corner, we go outside to explore the world eventually even in especially not crowded party places which for us is the major reason to still play it...

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    I don't set the acceptance criteria, Niantic does. Niantic is responsible for "reducing" the wayspot criteria to exercise and social criteria (and exploration criteria, which you left out there). This is regardless of which Niantic game one plays.

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    Existing POIs are a poor guide for new POIs. Not only does the presence of a worse subject does not justify the addition of an ineligible subject, but guidelines change over time; what may have been eligible previously may not meet criteria today. Today’s criteria, as outlined by Niantic, is “A great place to socialize, a great place to exercise, or a great place to explore.” These subjects as you have described them do not meet criteria, nor have you even attempted to articulate how they meet criteria. Unless and until the eligibility case is explicit in the nomination, the rejections are correct.

    Furthermore, I believe they would even be eligible for removal as, in the event of an emergency, players nearby could potentially obstruct an emergency location.

    I suggest looking elsewhere for a nomination subject, because this will only be a source of escalating frustration.

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    Guess why the title of this thread was chosen as is apart from my probably naive perception its clearly about the explorational aspect ;)

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    I am probably here as well way to naive to rely on readers awarnesses to switch between a device to a real life horizon.

    So lets place an example for a better understanding where the world is not a game which for many it seems what i read off the comments.

    Have you guys ever called an emergency service, its by phone, its by natural voice. The person behind wether plays ingress nor PoGo, has no access to an iitc nor is there any road with a name somewhat near, esp not with a house number. Just with luck even if you spell a gps or galileo location right up to the last digit its easy for them to get the right place. Thats the same for a complete outback or a crowded city place even where gps isnt exact enough (try to find someone with a heart attack in a 200x200m region where some hundred or even a thousand peeps passing by). Its basically these specific places with their unique easy and short chars which makes a rescue effective and fast. Its about security in general no matter which game you play when and where.

    In these means i really wonder who is naive and why its just not getting the importance of specific places in general beyond a normal players event horizon. Is careless and no dyor the new normal? i hope not as that would lead to a very limited and very sad world, under the line no matter if a game or not...

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    😂 how can you guys disagree to rl facts lol

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    Speaking for myself, I did not hit "disagree" on your previous post because I disagreed with any of the information in the post (though it was a bit long and rambling). I hit "disagree" because I disagreed that anything said in the post had any relevance whatsoever to the acceptance criteria established in Wayfarer.

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    ok, what you say is anything apart a 'we need another arena here because i cant reach any from my couch' - upon this generic nonsense thing - is unwanted as there is an established standard of an already fupped portal database, which basically reads as dont add anything with a broader sense which may rise the current standard please? 😂

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    Try reading this https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/new/criteria/eligibility

    Niantic is not trying to create a database of All That Is. And they're not trying to do public service.

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    hmm, i read important placemark ✅ with a cultural significance ✅ and in general places to meet ✅ which exactly is the dedicated meaning of those

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    Furthermore those places are:

    ✅ Always safe to reach

    ✅ Unique

    ✅ Always in a well documented position

    ✅ Never on private ground

    ✅ Well seperated and distributed

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    “In politics, lies are just facts that haven’t been repeated enough yet, and if you don’t believe that you will soon, because lies are just facts that haven’t been repeated enough yet.” - The Brain

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    So go ahead and repeat but unless you cant proove any of the facts given as wrong those places are guideline compliant good wayspots no matter if you personally like them or not ;)

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