Pedestrian access problem India.

In India many nomination are rejected due to pedestrian access, but in reality no one is able to walk on them as street vendors or cars are parked or simply there is no footpath but people still carries on their work even if there are POI in random places do you think players have access to visit such place by walking on footpath during event and all - NO!

Read this :

can something be done of such criteria here? As an exception.. I am not telling to pass submission in middle of divider or highway.. But place like alleyways and shopping area should be given a pass.



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    I have little information on the topic of pedestrians in India, but I would suggest that the nomination should somehow call out or prove pedestrian access, especially if the map doesn’t naturally demonstrate it. I often refer to pedestrian accessibility in my nominations, even when I think it should be obvious. And I don’t just say, “This is pedestrian-accessible,” (which is practically proof that it’s not), but I say HOW: “This dedication plaque is located near the parking lot and along the sidewalk entrance to the park”; “This trail marker is accessible from the side of the soccer field”; “The statue is easily accessed from the open fields to the north and east, as well as the sidewalk to the south.” Giving detail establishes credibility with your reviewers, and they’ll give you the benefit when there is doubt.

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