I already lost 2 approved pokestops, can someone help?

Why there is a bunch of pokestops and gyms so close at pokemon go, but the ones I created, even being not that close, never got in the game?

We put a lot of effort in order to review hundreds of indications, and this happens. they are legit, they were approved, but for some reason (which is NOT the location, or maybe for centimeters) they never made it to the game.

So, if someone could help me, I would appreciate it.


  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,630 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Google level 17 S2 cells. That's what Pokémon Go uses to determine whether wayspots are eligible to appear in game. If there are ever cases where this rule seems to be broken, it's usually due to old location edits, as location edits used to ignore the rule. Niantic fixed this though as it got abused.

    Also, your thread will likely get closed as it's not a Wayfarer related topic

  • Vboy99-PGOVboy99-PGO Posts: 65 ✭✭

    As informed by Niantic previously, Wayspots created may not be necessarily reflected within individual games.

    Accepted Wayspots can appeared in another game instead.

    I understand the frustration as I experience the disappointment myself. However, you can be assured that your effort does not go to waste and will be used somewhere :)

    What I do is to try to find and to create more Wayspots. I’m sure one of them will appear within my preferred game.

    As @HankWolfman-PGO posted, this thread would likely be closed soon, due to the fact that it’s not exactly Wayfarer related.

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    Niantic is in charge of Ingress Prime and Pikmin Bloom also. Pikmin Bloom does not allow a person to nominate. However, some Wayspots in Ingress can be closer together than Pokemon GO. Creating an Ingress accounting even if you do not plan to enjoy that game will let you see online searching for Ingress Intel Map or in person using the Ingress Prime app what else might be there. I know of areas that have Portals (in Ingress) but just one PokeStop.

  • I had this happened to me too. This is so frustrating. The approved wayspot wasn't appeared in PoGo or Ingress Prime. The closest wayspot are in different s2 cell and far from other portal. It is a rural area and hard to find wayspots.

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