Mis-Matched location

I continue to nominate a real trail marker on a real trail and it comes back mis-matched location every time. I used my last 3 upgrades on this, is it possible to fix this? Living in the woods I am limited to nominations and this is a real legit one, how can I get the reviewers to see that it is not mis-matched? Thanks


  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,253 Ambassador
    edited January 3

    What are you using in your nomination to support the location of your trail marker?

    Can you provide screenshots of your full nomination?

    This past year, I nominated 50 local trail markers, none of which appear on Satellite or Street View. At least a dozen of them appear on a trail that isn't visible on Satellite and more than half I had to upgrade. Every one of them was approved on the first try. I used supporting photos that showed nearby clearings or bends in the trail, linked an online article about the new trail markers, and provided information about the section of trail to keep it interesting.

    A marker in the middle of the woods without anything to support the location is difficult but possible. You may need to find the local parks and recreation department that maintains the trail and see what maps or online trail guides they have that you can link. Is there a nearby juncture or clearing you can include in your photos and spell out to reviewers to help them believe you?

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