Absurd amount of fake Wayspots Part 4

Title: Tiburón de asfalto

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.845994,-99.851687

Here should be the mural, the block wall and above all, there should be no bushes. It is the wall of a hotel.

Title: Mew y Pikachu

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.852456,-99.850973

Another wall that should have a beautiful Pokemon mural and what looks like a house in the photo. Actually there is only a fence and vegetation.

Title: La tortuga

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.846508,-99.852389

Another mural stolen from IG and by the same artist. The original is in Chiapas.


Title: Squirtle Comiendo Ramen

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.850735,-99.855659

Another mural stolen from IG and by the same artist. The original is in Chiapas.


Title: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.846778,-99.851624

Another mural stolen from IG and by the same artist. The original is in Chiapas.



Title: Jigglypuff

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.84528,-99.850865

There should be a wall with Jiggly graffiti on it here. There are only building towers and fences with plants.

Title: Libertad Imaginaria

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.849245,-99.848819

Mural stolen from the internet. The original is in Peru.


Title: Los Panchos

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.84435,-99.851717

They say this restaurant is here, in the middle of the beach... the only thing there is only hotels and condominiums.

Title: Muñeca Lele

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.852934,-99.85579

According to the photo there should be a huge colorful mural, with a parking lot and a street on the other side. It's actually a small alley with a tavern.

Title: mural del parque merle oberon

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.852329,-99.847198

The mural is real, only the photo has a watermark and a username. Can something be done?

Title: Músico del Mar

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.848645,-99.854008

According to the photo there is a super abandoned building with an incredible mural. The only thing found here is tons of sand and hotels.

Title: Niño Platanero

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.849742,-99.854469

Another incredible mural in the middle of the arena and the many hotels in the area. Actually the photo is stolen, the original is in Puerto Rico.


Title: Niños Futbolistas

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.851545,-99.854846

The mural looks clear but on google maps it is only vegetation and a white wall.

Title: No al Maltrato Animal

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.850172,-99.853732

The mural is on a building. Actually there is not that building. By the type of floor you can see that the mural is from another place.

 Title: Osito Malosos

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.841822,-99.850228

Graffiti in the middle of Resorts? Sorry but that doesn't exist. Another fake mural.

Title: Pirata Feliz

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.851552,-99.852896

Here there should be a wall with a mural of a pink pirate and from what you can see in the photos, houses. Instead there is just a huge building that has been there for years.

Title: Playa Bananas II

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.84928,-99.854427

The name "Playa Bananas" is correct but there is no cellar, no curtain, let alone a mural of a banana in the middle of the beach or a resort.

Title: Plaza Colombia

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.845382,-99.8526

Plaza Colombia of course it exists, in this location:


Not in the middle of the sea.

Title: Soriana Super

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.851536,-99.8537

Title: Soriana Super

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.850373,-99.852034

Yes Soriana exists in these locations but they are generic supermarkets throughout Mexico. Is it still valid to be a Wayspot?

Title: The Three Wizards

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.853402,-99.853289

They are Christmas decorations. They are temporary. They will remove them sooner rather than later.

Title: Tiburón del Parque Nacional del Veladero

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.836653,-99.840011

Once again, wanting to take advantage of the fact that a large green area is visible. It is in the Cerro del Mariano. El Veladero National Park is on the other side of the city. There is no street as seen in the photo, there are only trees and houses.

Title: Manos De Acapulco

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.853605,-99.85791

This is where the mural should be, but it's actually a parking lot. On the pavement you can see that the mural is from another side.

Title: Virgen del Mar de Acapulco

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.84796,-99.853267

According to this, the location is in a pool? False and wrong location.

Title: El Alcatraz

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.853792,-99.85568

At first I thought "the mural is inside the park" but looking closely, there are buildings between the park and the wall. Therefore, the buildings already mentioned should be seen in the photo and there are not.

Title: La Mano de Condesa

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.855437,-99.86438

A mural on a cliff? On the rocks? Another fake wayspot in this area.

Title: Loro Pirata

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.854073,-99.859323

Another mural in the middle of nowhere. In the photo you can see that there is pavement while the location is only beach.

Title: Wolverine

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.854679,-99.853723

There are not even nearby walls to make the mural, only vegetation and fences.


Title: Mural Stan Lee

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=16.843833,-99.815384

Mural stolen from internet. The real one is in Glasgow.

Also, seeing in OSM he put part of his house and neighborhood as if it were a forest (Cerro de Mariano) in order to increase his spawn at home. (Fortunately I was able to fix that, now to wait for a map update).

 And this is what the S2 Grid looks like. All "murals" and locations are in their own cell, except for the small cluster of Wayspots in the middle that the player claims to be home.

I hope you can help in this case, the number of Wayspots that were approved is incredible.

The game deserves better than this.

I hope that all the information provided is enough to cancel the Wayspots and, above all, these cheating users.



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