Closed Facility - 4 portals that cannot be accessed

In Northbrook, IL, there are four waypoints in what was previously the Allstate headquarters. These were long contentious for Ingress players, as only employees or guests (or people pretending to make deliveries) could get close to them (I know a couple were taken down once by parking on the side of the tollway and firing lots of XMP8s), hated alternately by RES and ENL depending on who worked there at the time.,-87.87018&z=19

Allstate sold their facility, it is not open at all, and in the process of being torn down.

Today I received the fifth or sixth rejection of one of these portals (Keys Mural). They should all be removed. Of the four, "10 Fountains" is still physically there, but the fountains are not running. None of the four have been captured for quite some time.

Keys Mural

House Doodle Mural

First Car Insurance Museum

10 Fountains

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