Signs and statues in cemeteries

So I am wondering about if I should venture out to the local cemetery and try to add a few waypoints. I think they are good waypoints as they do promote exploration in the area. I have also seen a lot of cemetery signs and unique sculptures in them accepted into Niantic games. I know a friend of mine nominated our cemetery a year or so ago and it was not accepted. She also nominated a church that wasn't accepted. When I reached the proper level I nominated the church near me that she got a rejection for and it was approved first try. I am wondering if maybe her pictures or descriptions were just bad? Or if Wayfarers in some areas tend to vote no for cemeteries or churches? I am in the south Florida area. Should I attempt this? Or am I in an area where these sorts of things get rejected more? Or are they maybe something else I've heard of which are things that no longer meet criteria that used too?


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    I don't think there is a correct or incorrect answer to this.

    I know that some cemeteries are places that people can go to, walk through in a respectful manner even if they are not visiting deceased family members/friends.

    Locally around me there are some cemeteries, headstones etc that have been added to the database.

    When I first started submitting I was going to try to add these memorials/headstones but decided the people still alive and visiting the cemetery were more important than my Ahabian need to add everything to the game.

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    You can reliably expect any nominations related to a cemetery to be rejected as “Location sensitive.” There are some small exceptions that can bring gravestones, monuments, or signage within the circle of acceptable criteria, but don’t count in it. Cemeteries are, in short, poor places to play video games, and most nominations there will not see the light of acceptance.

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    In my general area, there are many cemeteries designed long ago as pseudo-parks: families would picnic and stroll in these cemeteries as they would in any public green space. Many of these cemeteries host public tours or organized group activities today. I consider these eligible locations for valid wayspots within

    I generally avoid submitting the following:

    1. Cemeteries and entrance signs (the cemetery itself does not meet current criteria)
    2. Tombstones, statues, and columbarium decorations on the sites containing human remains, unless;
      1. the tombstone or grave site is for a documented famous person of the past
    3. Chapels on cemetery grounds exclusively dedicated to funeral services
    4. ANYTHING in a cemetery with a "no cell phones" rule posted

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the cemetery owners/managers may have a block in place that prevents wayspots from showing up in certain games.

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    If you can find a web site promoting random visitors to the cementery - include that in Supporting Info. I know cemetery tourism is really taking off in the U.S.A, and also parks are including their pathways on trails, and more.

    Absent obvious tourism, your odds of acceptance really drop. Increase your odds a bit with these tips:

    • Don't nominate where there have been funerals in the past 50 years. is a great place to see the dates on everything in the cemetery. After 50 years, we can assume even family members are there for geneaology, not grieving.
    • Art is usually the best bet - angel statues, etc.
    • Don't nominate something with someone's name unless you can research and find something interesting about them.
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    Niantic created the “Location Sensitive” rejection reason specifically for cemeteries. Just don’t nominate at all in a location that has its own rejection reason. Cemetery POIs are in poor taste and very likely to get rejected.

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    I also tend to reject cementeries - however, there are some that are local attractions. Just think of Père Lachaise or Wavetley Cementary in Bondi.... I really do think that there are justifiable exemptions to the sensitive rule. Personally I live close to a graveyard that could be nemed the "local Père Lachaise". It is said rto be one of the most beautiful graveyards in my City and the graveyard of the noble and rich. You even can book tours around the place in the local tourist guide office. I often go there for walks and exploration. There even is on pokestop (for a chapel) but I always find it regretrable that there is not more POIs is such a genuine place that I would really like to show it to other players....

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    The general rule is

    1. Graveyard itself, if not historic, not allowed

    2. Famous people's graves, or important people's graves, tend to be ok so long as you can prove it (I managed to get the creator of the boy scouts, a Scottish Hall of fame boxer, a Scottish singer from the 40s/60s and a purple heart soldier through)

    3. Memorials tend to be good, wear memorials are the most obvious, but I've also gotten a memorial for a mine accident and a memorial for all the priests who had been in charge of the crematorium through

    4. Statues might get through, it's more depending on if they aren't related to any graves, but there to be viewed

    5. If there's an information sign about the history of the graveyard, that could be ok

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