Appeal rejected removal report

The Childrens Tile

(34.7471460, -92.2630050)

Little Rock

United States of America

believe that I attached those photos in the incorrect order. This exists on President Clinton Avenue on the north side of the sidewalk while the road is going underneath I-30 Arkansas River Bridge.

I include both directions when describing construction to widen the river bridge. Before the construction began, we had a 6 lane bridge across the river. Once construction is completed, we will either have a 12 or 14 lane bridge. The problem is half of I-30 will remain open while construction remains ongoing on the other side. Correct, that causes lanes to be shifted. Once the construction of one side is finished from scratch, that will happen on the west/east side of the formerly dated bridge. Once the construction is complete, this will not exist. At the moment, much of what originally existed no longer does. I ask with the photo showing this is no longer an underpass be removed.

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