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I am trying to get a local business nominated as a Pokestop. They get a lot of foot traffic, are one of the best family-run businesses in our area, and have plenty of space for people to socialize. I've seen many similar Pokestops, so I'm a bit confused and frustrated that this got declined. I think it would really benefit both the business and players.

I have attached what I posted:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I appealed the decision months ago but haven't gotten any updates.


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    Food restaurants are not easy to get accepted.

    You really need to “sell” this to reviewers.

    So use the supplementary info to provide links to demonstrate that is highly rated - b.5 google stars and best out 4 Chinese in that area. This is something more concrete for a reviewer than the submitter saying it’s busy.. be explicit and say it is under the socialise criteria. And also refer to socialise in the description- eg a great place to have meal and socialise with friends and family.

    The photo is ok, but if you want to boost chances a less cultured and brighter picture would do no harm.

    This should give you an idea.

    The subject is much more obvious and grabs the attention - Some reviewers will make their mind up at the photo.

  • This is really good information, thank you so much!

    I guess my only other questions are 1) does it make a difference it's a gym vs a Pokestop? Legacy Games is a gym. And 2) According to that screenshot, there are two Pokestops in one cell (in Claret Park). Why is that approved?

    Thanks again for your insight!

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    Glad to help.

    The screenshot with the 2 points in one cell is taken from the Ingress game data. That game doesn’t use cells but a 20m proximity rule instead (each game sets its own rules on what it takes from the one Lightship database). One is simply Claret Park the other the courts of Claret Park presumably only one of them appears in Pokémon Go. If they are both in Go there is also the chance that a while back when the rules were different, that both were originally in separate cells and one was moved into the cell. At that time they kept their Go status. Now a move like this can result in the disappearance of one of them.

    Do read up on the cells you will find it doesn’t matter if it’s a stop or gym.

    There is no harm in having a second one and the same cell other games may use it, or if the original gets removed the hidden one could be used .

    Happy Wayspot hunting 😀

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