Colores de Mexico

A mural of Mexico painted in its own colors. Am I supposed to take the photo upside down?


  • Melurra-PGOMelurra-PGO Posts: 378 ✭✭✭✭

    The issue is that this is a fairly borderline candidate, from what is seen here. It's just the sign for a store, not really a public art installation. There's probably not artist name known because it's not really an artistic work, perhaps even created using a stencil or similar template. On borderline candidates, you really need to kick all the details up a notch.

    I would recommend using a 1:1 aspect ratio for the photo and getting the whole sign in the photo (or at least all of the blue text, without any part of the other text) so that it doesn't look cut off, and also so it's not showing extraneous parts of the building. In the description, you could add some details of interest. Why does Mexico have these colors in the flag? What do they symbolize? Is the Mexican flag an important symbol in this neighborhood or town? Remember, not all reviewers will be in the same city or even county as the nomination, so they may not know about the cultural significance that you may take for granted as a resident of the city.

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