Valid wayspot removed: Sportplatz Loxstedt

Title of the Wayspot: Sportplatz Loxstedt

Location: 53.468593, 8.638377

City: Loxstedt

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the former wayspot:

Photos to support the claim:

The red layered area is all school grounds with a sports hall, secondary school, primary school and primary school sports hall. The sports field however that was removed (very likely with the "school grounds" reason) is the public county sports field which is used by the public, the local sports club TV Loxstedt, and of course also by the secondary school. But It is not part of the school grounds so it is a completely legit wayspot according to the Niantic rules.

There is an article in the local newspaper about the recent construction work at the sports field which also proofs that it is a public sports ground:

Please restore this wayspot.



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