Nomination Rejected - Invalid Reason

Reason given for rejection :

1) Low Quality Photo

2) Temporary and Season Display

Main Image :

Supporting Image :

Location : 19.154869,73.074076

I assure you that this is clicked from my Poco F3 with GCAM.. and is high quality image.

And why would this be seasonal display? It is one and only one sign board (fixed) for the permanent location it is directing towards which is a temple.

I would appreciate if people actually verify locations before rejecting.

This has footpath in parallel and has street light.

I have reviewed over 1300+ Nominations with agreements of 25%+ and in Great Range.. I have read criteria many times over.. I always try that there are no person, license plate in photo and is easily accessible with Great area to explore for a POI.

So what do you guys say? Should I appeal this waypoint or would it be rejected again?


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