POI Approval Speed

I have nominated 32 POI :

Only upgrade seems to get processed.

A) Out of 4 Upgrades used 3 accepted and 1 Rejected

B) 1 Withdrawn due to people in it (dont wanna waste reviewer time)

C) 4 went under Niantic Review and were rejected (only appealed 1 of them)

D) Rest are Under Queue only 2-3 are in-voting.

Its been 45 days+ for my starting nomination and they are still under queue !

Why it takes so much time @[email protected]

I have reviewed 1400+ with ~25% agreements, agreements are not happening as fast as I thought.. I am still in great range and I think many of them I reviewed are still under process.

I have hit great reviewing multiple times as home location and bonus I gave seems to have run dry and I dont usually go to another city to play.

So getting upgrade has also reduced..

Take 2 /|\ Why it takes so much time @[email protected]



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