Best way to appeal

I would like to know if somebody did experience the same thing :

one of my wayspot was approved… at the time it was supposed to be added in pokemon go I notice one of my wayspot recently added disappeared (more than 200m distance between the 2 wayspots)

i start digging and realize it could have some relation with ingress… I looked at ingress map and saw the removed wayspot was still on ingress and the one supposed to be added was not. The day after my wayspot approved was added to ingress and the one removed on Pokémon go was also removed on ingress

it has been 4 days and the wayspot approved and added on ingress is still not on Pokémon go. It is very frustrating as I have the feeling to have lost 2 wayspots.

Does anybody know where to claim at Niantic?

thanks for your help


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