Theme painting that help brand or sell an experience inside a business

So being very specific here. I have had a few nominations for review of wall paintings inside shops, cafes, restaurants, fast food places, pubs etc

Some bad. Some good. Some well ugh. Do I accept it? These paintings are clearly part of the decor to make the place feel well on brand. In many cases not seen from anywhere but inside the place. Sometimes not painted but giant stickers printed and rolled on.

I tend to ignore them particularly if for a large brand such as the M, KFC, Guzman to name but a few that have come my way.

But even the smaller places. They tend to be bland, repetitive on a theme, not be by anyone significant, not be artistically relevant. This one is claiming social as a reason - but then surely the Restaurant takes precedence in this case.

Looking forward to peoples advice. And of course opinions :-)


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