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Little Rock Zoo - Carved Bear

34.746846, -92.328599

Little Rock

United States of America

Last Saturday I walked through War Memorial Park and beside the Little Rock Zoo. This is more difficult since I enjoy Pokemon GO and Ingress Prime. In Pokemon GO, I can get close enough to spin the PokeStop. The issue is in Ingress. I do not know if I have ever been in the fenced and gated area where the Portal exists. Since Ingress introduced PvE, I worked on that before lunchtime. At this location, a person might be able to walk to the location where Portal is if an employee of the zoo or on a field trip. This is not the usual parking for the zoo. That exists north of Zoo Drive and to the west.

I got as close to the Portal (not Resistance or Enlightened) as able without a sidewalk to not use my highest level weapons. After defeating the resonators in the Portal, I was unable to claim every one because of the distance from me and lack of the ability to legally get closer. I will not climb a fence and trespass.

After posting my rejection email, I can describe each photo or screenshot. The first photo was me between Zoo Drive and the fence. I have never seen the Portal (no photo) and makes me wonder if one is there. The second is a project I also work on with Google Maps. The second is when Jonesboro Drive becomes South Monroe Street to the southwest or south-southwest of the Portal.

The next 2 are from Google Maps. One looks west where Google Maps shows Ray Winder Drive. The other shows the parking area with a marker where the Portal "is". I attempted to collect while on the west side of South Monroe Street unsuccessfully.

I ask that this Portal be removed because of a lack of the ability to approach. The same applies to Pokemon GO and Pikmin Bloom. I know I will lose resonators if this is removed. I will live with that. If the answer is denied, I ask why.

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