Eligibility for combined information board for residence map, list of residents' names, and bulletin

In Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, many composite information boards like the one shown in the photo have been built. Most of them are built by an advertising company called Acriview Co.

The layout may differ slightly, but they are divided into three parts: a map of residential areas on the left, a list of residents' names in the middle, and a public notice board with notices from the local government or community association on the right.

So my question is, would a combined information board such as this one, which combines a general map of the residence, a list of resident names, and a public information board, be considered a POI?

It is possible that the names of players in the area are listed. Also, it is not good for privacy protection as it shows the place of residence and the names of the residents. Some districts have removed the list of names.

How should we decide?

@NianticGiffard I would appreciate a clear answer.


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    As a general rule, at least those with personal names on them are considered to fall under the disapproval criteria, since they fall under the "Ineligible photo" category of the disapproval criteria, "personal names or initials."

    And although there are still some places in Japan where this kind of thing still exists, it is not expected that a posting containing a local individual's name will become an object that is publicized worldwide through the Internet, even if the individual's name is publicized there as a matter of general social sense.

    In addition, Google Street View is one example of such an object that is publicized worldwide, but in Street View, personal names and car license plates are all blurred out so that they cannot be distinguished from each other.

    From this point of view, we consider this type of candidate a tough sell.

    However, recently, due to the decline in the level of reviews, there have been cases where such items have been approved.

    You are free to nominate your work. However, if your name is mentioned in the nomination, it may cause problems later on, so we do not think it is a good idea to do so.

    Also, I don't understand why you are using such an Ingress account to ask questions, You would be better off asking the question with a different game account that you play regularly and have at least 100 review arguments by logging into the Wayfarer review site with that account, not a level 1 Ingress account with 0 AP.

    If you are an excellent old adult, you should ask questions responsibly.

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    I would take the photo only of the Bulletin Board portion of the sign. That eliminates the privacy problem. You would probably do best to find a time when the Bulletin Board features interesting information - the example above looks like it might be an advertisement to me. I'm not as interested in approving places that only feature ads, but places that host information about local events important to the community/area are good candidates in my opinion.

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