Basketball Courts are being removed en masse

Maarblee-INGMaarblee-ING Posts: 33 ✭✭✭

Over the course of the last few days, many explorers in the Italian community have noticed that Wayspots related to Basketball Courts were systematically removed by Niantic. Most of those were originally imported from the Courts Of The World website, but we've noticed a fundamental exception that seems to be a really big issue here: all of the Wayspots that were affected had "Oratorio" in their name.

For those of you who don't know, the term refers to a specific kind of leisure and recreational center which can be found all over Italy, typically managed by the church but always open and welcoming towards the whole community, from families and kids to the elderly. They were historically conceived as a place of worship, but over time these locations have evolved to encompass a whole different set of activities, including sports fields and play areas.

Now, according to this explanation, you would think that basketball courts located in the area would be perfectly eligible nominations... But for some unknown reason, on Jan 17 all of these Wayspots were deleted from the Lightship database entirely (and probably failed to migrate towards the new NBA game). And most importantly, the automated import from the website only constitutes a fraction of the overall database! The bulk of the affected nominations were manually submitted by Wayfinders and carefully reviewed by the community, which undoubtedly makes them high-quality and eligible points of interest for all Niantic games.

Is anything similar happening in other countries? If anyone has more info to share about the issue I'd be glad to know



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