Invalid Wayspot report appeal

Junction Bridge

34.749115, -92.266998

Little Rock

United States of America

Having Google Maps sufficiently updated in Street View helps. This does not exist in Pokemon GO. I know how to try to move a PokeStop/Gym if able to the actual location. I flagged this as a duplication Portal since I did not know where Arkansas Junction Bridge is located. My phone is in another room at the moment. However, I know this area better. Arkansas Junction Bridge was placed where it was taken. I ask one of two things be done. Either move the Portal to the correct location or remove Arkansas Junction Bridge. Since this is a bridge that spans the Arkansas River and Little Rock & North Little Rock are different towns, having 1 Portal in North Little Rock and 2 Portals in Little Rock on the bridge might be much. If all 3 Portals did not relate to the bridge, that might be different. As is, this is misplaced and needs to be moved or removed.

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