Chocolate Gallery Malaysia’s Old Wayspots

Title of the Wayspot:

1) 椰子

2) 草莓

3) 榴蓮


1) 椰子: 3.145367, 101.718474

2) 草莓: 3.144952, 101.718396

3) 榴蓮: 3.145669, 101.717734

City: Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

1) 椰子

2) 草莓

3) 榴蓮

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

The first three supporting photos are screenshots of the wayspots. The fourth and fifth photos are screenshots of Google Streetview from March 2015 of the actual location (, when Chocolate Gallery Malaysia was still operating at that location and have placed those fruit information signs that are featured in the Wayspots. This is proven by the perimeter fencing used by the gallery, as seen in the 椰子 wayspot and Chocolate Gallery Malaysia’s Google Streetview screenshots.

The chocolate gallery has closed down, and the building has been taken over by a restaurant, as seen in last two supporting photos that were taken last week. The same perimeter fencing is still in used by the restaurant.



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