Invalid/Replaced portal

Title of Wayspot: Top of the mountain

Location: 64.140906,-21.914564

City: Reykjavik

Country: Iceland

Rejection email:

A long time ago, I submitted this portal, named "Top of the Mountain" Here is a photo of what it looked like at that time:

Some years passed, and at some point, this piece of urban art was replaced with a new one. Here is what it looks like today:

Here it is again, just zoomed out a bit.

Now, what happened was that someone else submitted a new portal with this image, named "Grænskeggur". Problem is that it was submitted at an incorrect location - 100 meters off, but it should have replaced Top of the Mountain".

What I suggest is the following:

"Top of the Mountain" should be removed - it no longer exists, having been replaced (painted over). The nearby portal "Grænskeggur" should be moved to its correct location - namely the current location of "Top of the Mountain".



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