Pools in the same location of different sizes

I saw an AMA from November 2020 (which is written in the "help" tab: With the criteria refresh, how has that change affected how reviewers should consider swimming pools?) and I realized about the pools and, putting into practice my doubt: There are pools that have adult and child-sized pools, with two pools nearby, should I order both pools or just one of them?


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    Depends on the context. Assuming it’s a community pool area that is generally acceptable (and not a hotel pool or other residential-focused pool), if it’s just two pools and that’s all, it’s probably not the kind of location that holds up multiple POIs. But some towns near me have a “pool park” which is basically a small waterpark, with a lap pool, multiple two-story waterslides, a splash zone for kids, and even a dedicated water basketball area. This kind of facility definitely offers multiple POI opportunities.

    Do keep in mind that even smallish pool areas may have pergolas, party rooms, volleyball courts, picnic areas, and other places that could still meet criteria, besides just a smaller pool next to a bigger one.

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    Right - neighborhood, apartment, and hotel pools are not valid. Basically, only pools with lifeguards qualify. Pools are VERY litigious in the U.S. and Niantic doesn't want to take chances.(Many of their rejection reasons are for legal reasons.)

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