Appeal of Rejection for Removal of Waypost on a Private Residence - Shadow Glen Neighborhood Sign

Title of the Wayspot: Shadow Glen Neighborhood Sign

Location: 42.753072 , -84.681198

City: Lansing, MI

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: See below

Photos to support your claim: See below

Additional information: The Shadow Glen Neighborhood Sign is a recently added waypsot that should have never been approved as it sits squarely on a private residence. I submitted a report at the waypsot as such and that request was rejected. Please see evidence below that this is an invalid wayspot on a private residence that should be removed.

  • 1. Rejection Email from Niantic Wayfarer

2 . Photo showing the wayspot in located in the front yard of a private residence

3 . Google Maps Satellite view with the pinned location of the wayspot and its coordinates.

3-4. Images from the Eaton County Michigan Parcel Map showing the wayspot is on private residential property, and the property owners information including the property class code 401 for a residential improved property with home on it.

Thank you in advance for your review of this appeal!



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