[Fake] Nowa Sarzyna, Poland

While reviewing I came across this nomination:

Title: Pomnik Mikołaja Kopernika

Location: Street Address: Konopnickiej 7, 37-310 Nowa Sarzyna, Poland

Main picture: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/MD-F66bAS2JkSh3ql0FgxYArs9Mwp6_BS8oQtzTPBEg9eFu_O_j_BXBqPJoYreJaHHyr8fQyTZ1j8U4i0q05XMTQnca15U7TuunKwIdhAg=s0

Supporting photo: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5nRifAb0h7Fo8ChexWPQ9oomq20Y0k_YzhB_9TCHRney9LdyFenPQYwJpRmnFtxGYbv5PqP_3lZpitljxRMh6ZUZjcm22R-dzlfuUqFb=s0

Reverse search on both confirms these are stolen photos from Toruń, Poland - where the monument is in real life (and also as a Wayspot). https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Nicolaus_Copernicus_Monument_in_Toru%C5%84#/media/File:Torun_pomnik_Kopernika_caly.jpg

A quick look at other accepted Wayspots in the vicinity leads me to think that those are also ineligible / fake nominations that somehow were accepted - especially "Mural na bloku" which is located on what appears to be a PRP and is also a picture taken from another location - https://lask.naszemiasto.pl/lotniczy-mural-na-bloku-przy-ul-wroblewskiego-w-lasku/ar/c1-8393801.

Please take action against the ineligible / fake nominations/Wayspots and educate the Wayfarers who both submitted and approved those.

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