Niantic reviews

Hi everyone. I have been submitting nominations in my area for a long time, but recently i have been getting almost all of them rejected. i thought it may have to do something with my account so a friend of mine tried to help but still he has faced the same issue. out of our last combined 200 nominations we have only had 20 of them accepted, 12 of which were reviewed by Niantic (they accepted 12/15 nominations they reviewed) whereas out of the remaining 188 that the community reviewed only 8 made the cut. Since they are being rejected only by providing 'Other rejection criteria' or non sense stuff such as 'Animal', 'Body part', etc. (i did a direct translation since English is not my first language, not sure if in English they are named the same way but think you get the idea) we think we are being targeted.

Thus, I wanted to ask, is there any way to make Niantic review our nominations more often? If I keep a nomination on hold, may them pick it up for review?

for what i've read people here do not like to have their nominations reviewed by them, but for us we feel like it's the only way we can get new wayspots



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