Confused about rejection of my first submission

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First time I submitted a Wayspot and it got rejected, but it's not clear to me as why. Before I appeal I thought I'd ask here to better understand what I might be doing wrong so I can learn how to do better here.

Under the "Rejection Criteria" section it says:

Natural Feature

Other Rejection Criteria

The first doesn't make sense, though I might be misunderstanding what that means. The location I created was of a man made feature and not natural, it was an old train trestle that is along a converted rails to trail. To me it's the most interesting thing along this section of the trail, pretty much all the other things along the trail that are showing up are just signs marking all the entrances to the trail.

No idea what "Other Rejection Criteria" even means.

Somewhat fitting for the "A great place for exploration" the location is interesting to walk to along the trail, it's an architecture of historical significance for the area as it was part of the logging industry that even made this city here at all.

Unfortunately there are no signs here designating even what it is, so I thought adding it as a Waypoint for Niantic would help give those using the systems that used this data to know what it is.

It definitely fits into the "A great place for exercise" category. It's a rails to trail conversion and MANY hikers, walkers, bikers go along this trail, hence why I added it to those categories. It's a long trail that is pretty and scenic to walk along.

So that makes it fit into 2 categories, where it only requires 1. Again, unless I'm misunderstanding the categories and how they work. It is a "permanent" identifiable object, as permanent as any other object in the world currently is. It also is easily accessible along the trail from 3 different directions. And I think I gave it an accurate photo, title and description.

I tried to give as much info in the "supporting info" section text, but for some reason it won't allow me to enter more text to add more detail as to why I nominated it.

Here's more info it it helps.

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