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Belahzur-INGBelahzur-ING Posts: 599 ✭✭✭✭✭

So early December I took a break from Wayfarer cause I'm frustrated with the process and how Wayfarer has been so mishandled by Niantic over the past year, then mid-December I get one of Niantic's love letters that they put me on a 30-day cooldown.

I also got the email that the cooldown was over and I was re-instated, only attempting to login now still shows me the suspended message.

I can still submit with both games Ingress and PoGo, and I'm still getting my stuff reviewed and accepted despite the fact I'm still suspended apparently. It has now been well over 30 days, now approx ~58 days.

Please can you return my Wayfarer access as stated in the email above? I was kinda planning on doing the Indonesia stuff to see what that was like that's supposed to be coming up.

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