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Hi all,

i recently achieved the level threshold to start helping out with wayfarer pokestop reviews (woohoo!) and was under the impression when I gave my local area, UK East Midlands I would be reviewing pokestops from EM local area.

so far I am getting just London wayspots to review and if anyone knows the UK, London and East Midlands are NOT geographically close. (In fact, I have never been to London so I wouldn’t know anything about the area). I think the most relevant review I have done so far to my area was Chesterfield, which is so loosely “local”.

My question is: is this typical of wayfarer to assign reviews that are so loosely local to your area?

It’s like when you tell someone you’re from England and they assume you’re from London! I would like to be able to impact my local community, and I feel what I am receiving now to review is not local enough to be relevant to me.


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