Invalid Wayspot appeal

Garden bench with flagpole and 1882 dedication marker

(34.7509154, -92.3243429)

Little Rock

United States of America

I do not dispute this should have been rejected since this is in the center of a parking lot at the front of a building. The issue is this was placed at the entrance to The Arkansas State Hospital. Some people at that psychiatric facility were court ordered to be there. The parking lot next to the entrance is either for employees only or visitors. Another parking lot exists just to the north for visitors or employees. If I decide to battle the computer controlled resonators (yes, I know the actual name so far.), I receive a prompt to keep moving. Yes, I can destroy those using L8 weapons but should not be required to attack from a distance. If I must use my higher Level weapons since unable to approach, that is the definition of no pedestrian access to me. If Ingress did not have PvE, this would be less of an issue. This location reaches L8 frequently for long periods. Anybody familiar with Ingress knows what that means and causes.

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