Why can’t Niantic tell the difference between “Welcome to town name” and “Welcome to town name park”

Submitted a POI of a town’s main park “welcome” sign. The community rejected it because they thought it was temporary. It’s not, it was just new. It’s now on Streetview.

Appealed the rejection, explaining it wasn’t previously on Streetview but now is.

Niantic have decided it’s a duplicate… of the nearby “Welcome to town” sign.

It is not a duplicate of that sign, or of anything else. There are multiple POI on the park, but nothing for the park itself. I have the Wayfarer app and there is very little in the town that isn’t in Pokémon Go or Ingress, and there are no “hidden” POI on the park. It’s unique. It’s valid.

This is ridiculous and quite frankly frustrating.


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