Remove Clearly Incorrect Wayspot

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Title ふるさと街道づくりモニュメント


Title オナガミズナギドリ


Country Japan???

While trying to verify that the Ingress portal in Navarro was restored in the Ingress Mission Authoring Tool, I accidentally discovered a wayspot that was placed in an incorrect location.

Deleting it would seem to be the proper course of action.

Usually, a wayspot like this that exists on the high seas and is not ordinarily accessible should be able to be removed without a removal report.

If you need the email rejected by the deletion report, please delete it as soon as possible by creating a dynamic link in Ingress and sending a deletion report.

And while we don't know when these wayspots went live or were fixed, we think you guys need to investigate this review.

There are inevitably a few Wayfinders who tap or click incorrectly on reviews.

However, it is not the right time for this to occur or be corrected in this location.

I have to give at least 40 accounts a higher score for what I am guessing.

It is indeed hard to imagine that 40 accounts could be wrong.


On a side note, Navarro has not yet been restored.

I have advised the Ingress team to deal with the situation as I can guess, but please make sure Portal is restored as soon as possible.



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