How are remove reports processed?

Two days ago I reported a Pokéstop called "Escuchadores en el parque". It featured a toy (a "speaking tube" or "voice pipe") that does not exist any more.

The pokestop takes its name from the toy itself, that was removed in a massive rebuilding of parks and playgrounds that took place in Madrid between 2020 and 2021.

But the report has not been heard.

Taking into consideration that, when I signed to verify the existence of pokéstops I was offered Pokéstops miles away from my home, I wonder if places that NO LONGER EXIST can be removed successfully.

As an example, in Paseo del Prado, Madrid, you have:

a) "El mito perdido - Igor Mitiraj". Name and first photo of this pokèstop were took from Flickr photos (I suspect MY flikr photos) even when they came from a temporary sculpture exhibition that took place YEARS before Pokémon Go was developed. Now, the place depicts a fountain that has nothing to do with Igor Mitoraj.

b) "Menina de Manolo Valdés" was another Pokéstop from a temporay exhibition. Now it depicts a street bollard, since the plastic "Menina" (Little Girl) designed by Manolo Valdés has disappeared.


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