Remove imaginary photo and approve rejected photo.

Living Way Gospel Church

(34.7717488, -92.3613186)

Little Rock

United States of America

This has some relevance. A congregation under the same name might exist several blocks to the west. When I do a Google Maps search, I am sent to the possible location on Reservoir Road. Since I began playing Pokémon GO the first year, I decided to explore in both games. The day before I visited this, I found this had not been added to Google Maps on Watt Street. I did using a screenshot from Google Maps. Once there for the first time, I destroyed Machina and spun the Stop.

I also took a photo to update Google Maps and Ingress. Google Maps accepted the photo that I uploaded. The community here rejected the photo.

I ask that my photo (yes, the same one uploaded to Google) be verified and accepted here. I also ask that the other photo (current one) be removed since I could not locate that sign.

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