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Rivercrest Water Tower

34.803989, -92.417235

Little Rock

United States of America

The first screenshot is from IngressIntelMap. The second is from Google Maps. Obviously, one is from Niantic. That needs not be typed.

I know this is a Portal. I do not know about the other games. Water towers are part of the usual do not nominate category if fenced and gated.

I guess the way the photo was taken (likely in Ingress) was to not show the fence and gate(s) in the second screenshot. I am not with Central Arkansas Water Service (CAWS) and will not trespass to be able to reach the water tower.

My parents flipped a house in this neighborhood several years ago. I don’t live there but know the area better than desired. I believe CAWS employees approach this area from the east. I am unable to read what I believe to be a no trespassing sign posted on the gate.

I ask this be removed from the game(s). If this is eligible, what makes the water tower eligible?

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