Photo attached to wrong portal / not duplicate

Wayspot title: Vernon - State Wildlife Area

Location: 42.935814, -88.291542

City: Waukesha

Existing portal photo:

Photo for failed/duplicated nomination, to be removed:

The existing portal is a different access point to this large state property (about 6000 acres). That portal is in a heavily wooded area and looks like this:

The proposed portal was suggested for (42.9384868, -88.2898312) and that access point looks like this:

Map from the government website shows the two distinct & separate parking access areas marked on this road (separated by PRP):

The suggested new portal was for the “NW Access” to the wildlife area, it was not for the entire wildlife area. I would appreciate having the wrong photo removed. This has happened before, so this photo is likely on the existing portal as well and should be removed, please:

Thank you!



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