Long-Term Food Truck marked as "Temporary & Seasonal"

I just recently submitted a local Food Truck as a stop location as its a popular social space for the nightly college crowd.

However, the stop got labelled as "Temporary or Seasonal Display." The food truck in question is a permanent food truck thats been sitting in the parking of a local pub for the past two years or so (recently added to Google restaurants), so it is in fact not temporary. While I mentioned its a long-term food truck in it's description, Im not sure how Id submit this stop again in a way that doesn't get it marked for being temporary.

Would this stop be worth submitting again with a better description (I also believe the supporting photo could be better aswell, I just couldn't get more in the photo without photographing multiple people)? Or would this stop be stuck in a loop of "it's temporary" and people not scrolling further and reading about how its not.

I believe this stop meets two of the three factors for a good stop; Socialization & Exploration, especially for being a local business in the area.


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