Non upgraded nomination in queue faster than upgraded nomination?

Hi All,

This is less a moan, more just understanding the process (only been reviewing for about a week)

I have had an upgraded nomination still sat in the queue for x3 days, yet another nomination I did not upgrade (and was nominated AFTER the first one) has now gone to voting. They are pretty much in the same area as well, so I'd have thought would be covered by the same reviewing area.

If it's just a weird quirk, fair enough, just wanted some clarification


  • kawin240-INGkawin240-ING Posts: 468 Ambassador

    There is a concept that is sometimes called Grace Period, after submitting, during it, a nomination can not go into voting no matter what. This period can locally take different time to resolve, it's somewhat tied to the general speed of reviewing at your location, e.g. I have a Grace Period of 2 days.

    Now if that Period hasn't passed yet and you upgrade something that is still In Queue, it can happen that you lengthen the Grace Period instead! But don't worry, your upgraded nomination will go to voting normally, and from that point it will take maximum 2 days for decision, it's just that with this very niche thing you basically delayed everything for up to 1 week (it's mostly shorter though). Your non-upgraded nomination has gone through Grace Period already and therefore is in voting, but might not get a result anytime soon

  • Thanks for the clarification, makes sense!

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