Wayspots to close to each other

Last week I submitted three wayspots that got accepted a few days later. Apparently I put all of them to close to already existing wayspots. They would be directly on the edges of the s2 cells so there would be room to move them without being way of the wayspots itself.

Is there a way to move them without being in the game? I guess I can’t submit them again since they got approved and would be seen as duplicates right?



  • kawin240-INGkawin240-ING Posts: 468 Ambassador

    Yes, they would be duplicates. If reviewers saw a reason to move them away from your placing then there's no need to bother. If they are now wrongly placed (as in, incorrect on a map, not just because they're not appearing in Pokemon GO), you have 2 options:

    -Play Ingress and get to Level 10 if they have made it into that game


    -Use the wayfarer Help Chat, accessible by going to the wayfarer website, to help, and then interact with the orange bubble

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