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I have a waystop request for 8 months in wait

Im not sure if this is a bug, but i hope that someone could help me with this?

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  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 4,612 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not unusual to wait that long.

    Anywhere from 2 weeks to 36 months is normal.

  • ME PASÓ LO MISMO y despues de un año saieron dos pokestop jaja 

  • Johnsonsine-INGJohnsonsine-ING Posts: 395 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, unfortunately this is normal. Depending on the area you submit from, it can take quite some time to get a nomination into and through the voting process. Particularly urban, popularity-dense areas can be hard without using upgrades on your nominations.

    I have some nominations that are more than 2 years old, still in queue. Niantic have begun to boost them now, fortunately.

    Btw, you do know about upgrades, right? 🙂 If no, then what you do is you review a lot of nominations from others to earn agreements. When the agreements-meter is up to 100%, you earn an upgrade. You can place the upgrade on one of your nominations that you wish to boost. It then goes into voting rather quickly and the upgrade will make sure more reviewers are presented with your nomination. The upgrade will not necessarily get you an accepted nomination, but it will speed up the whole voting process and get you a result for the nomination.

    Hope that helps.

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