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Is there a Wayspot of yours (your nomination) that you're especially proud of or happy about?

Could be your first accepted nomination; the first of your Wayspots to appear in "your" game; one you thought would be rejected but you nominated it anyway and it wasn't; or something compleatly different...

Please share 😊


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    I spent ages looking for this on the local common which is about 120 acres after seeing that it had been installed somewhere in the grass in 2012 but couldn't find it as it's less than a foot in diameter.

    I pretty much gave up thinking it had probably been removed or dug up by someone until I was walking over the common with my youngest who kicked something on the ground and said ' Have you ever seen this little plaque for the Queen's Jubilee' :)

    It's not particularly impressive or interesting but it was fun to find... eventually.

    How about you?

  • FruSkatteKat-PGOFruSkatteKat-PGO Posts: 355 ✭✭✭

    For me it's an old and rusty turnstile next to some train tracks that haven't seen any trains in almost 50 years but the track remains.

    I just always liked it 😊

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    This is my local gem ice cream cafe. It received a Private Property and a Other rejection Criteria rejection. I appealed this with the fast tracked appeal I've won with the Niantic Wayfarer Twitter Challenge by posting a group picture with the Germans, of course it got accepted. The description might be a little short, but in the supporting information a bunch of articles and ratings and awards were included. Still reviewers in my region chose to go against criteria, I've got my revenge by getting the appeal done and on top of that I reported the original reviewers, they should have recieved one of those education emails that they deserved.

    Apart from wayfarer, it means much to me as I always enjoy my summers there with family and friends, some ice cream after standing in line what feels like eternity because there's so much people there for that corner of the city. I've also never had a better vanilla ice cream than here and I've been to many!

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